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What is EGF? It rejuvenates your skin!?

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Here we introduce EGF, which serves to help skin turnover, an essential part of anti-aging care.

What does EGF actually stand for?

Epidermal Growth Factor

EGF is a polypeptide consisting of 53 amino acids, discovered by Dr. Stanley Cohen in 1986 in the United States, who was awarded the Nobel Prize.

It was originally utilized in medical institutions as a treatment for burns, in skin regeneration, and in skin grafting. There was a time when the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was considering registering it as an active ingredient in pharmaceuticals.

However, since it has no side effects and has become a human recombinant oligopeptide, its safety has increased, and it is now approved as a cosmetic ingredient.

And, it is called "cell growth factor" (growth factor) because of its ability to stimulate cell renewal. Its function is to control the skin regeneration cycle and promote cell division.

It also restores existing aging epidermal cells, promotes new skin cell regeneration, and improves skin texture.

It is known that after the age of 20, the secretion of growth factors (growth factors) declines and the skin and body "age" progressively.

Supplementation of these growth factors with cosmetics and other products can support skin rejuvenation.

There are various other growth factors, which I will introduce in a moment.

EGF (human recombinant polypeptide-1),

originally present in the human body, but declines with age.

It has been proven that supplementation with EGF increases the number of skin cells.

FGF (human recombinant polypeptide-11),

FGF acts even deeper into the dermis.

By activating cells deep in the skin, a large amount of collagen is produced, giving the skin firmness, elasticity, and moisture.

KGF (human recombinant polypeptide-3)

A type of protein that promotes cell division and is produced by the human body; supplementation with KGF promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes, the basis of skin, and also acts on hair follicles to promote the formation of strong hair shafts and nurture hairs with firmness.

Not only does it rejuvenate the skin and prevent it from deteriorating, but it also acts on scalp care and hair follicles.

Such content-rich hair care skin care products are the gnome hair care series

All of gnome's lineup includes 


These beauty ingredients are included in our products.

You can improve all kinds of hair problems just by using it.

Such as hair loss, hair taper and scalp problems.

When you shampoo by yourself,

gnome treatment is highly effective as scalp care if you apply it to the scalp and skin.

There is no problem even if it gets on the face or body.

When washing. And when you clean it off with water.

It is an excellent product that uses many beauty ingredients, so it can be used together with skin care.

Let's start using gnome hair care.

The time where hair care and skin care can be done together has come.




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