What We Offer


Carefully executed by stylists with over 20 years of experience. 

All rounder stylists with deep knowledge on every technical aspect. 

Basic applications perfected to provide customers from any ethnic group with the best possible hair solution. 

From haircuts to whole makeovers,

our stylists have served over 25000 customers.

Praised for providing one of the best services amongst Japanese Hair Salons in Singapore.




Focusing mainly on hair cuticle repair and hair quality, we will not reccomend any unnecessary cuts and avant garde hairstyles. 

Keeping up to date with trends and fashions, we provide each and every customer with an attractive hairstyle that stems from the basic structure of their hair. 

Making use of both wet and dry cuts, we provide easily managable hair that is obtainable even at home.


Bleaching / Highlights 

Being proficient in design colors as well, we produce soft beige colors and vibrant glamorous colors. 

We are also able to create highlights and colors that not only hides your grey hair but compliments your daily lifestyle and skin tone. 

Making use of 'care bleach', our colors are long lasting. 

Always offering the least damaging bleach treatment for our customers


Treatment / Head spa

Chemical damages from colour and perm, daily damages from UV rays and moisture,

we provide the utmost care for your hair and scalp. 

Equipped with a vast knowlegde on hair theory while making use of over 50 different hair care products, our stylists are able to cater to the different needs of every customer.



Performed by stylists with abundant experiences of being a colourist.

With great knowledge on the chemicals and their applications,

we produce colours to suit each and every customer. 

Damage to hair differs from method to method. 

Hence, we provide our customers with the least damaging option that produces the best results.


Digital perm / Cold perm 

/ Hair straightening

Improves any complications and struggles that comes with styling.

Taking into account our customers hair type and strain,

we control the amount of heat and chemicals used. 

Giving you a more supple finish. 

Offering you a more sophisticated hairstlye for your daily presentation.


Massage shampoo

Incorporating massage while shampooing, we reduce the time taken for hair treatments.

Removing dirt from hard to reach places when shampooing at home. 

While also removing sebum and relieving tension from the scalp

This allows for the promotion of hair growth, relieving stress and face lift

Our massage incorporated shampooing is used during every menu

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