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The Fluxus House

Inspired by the 60s art movement, we launched「The Fluxus House」 in Singapore.

Providing advanced and refined hair designs to customers is  our new concept of an art movement. Beautifying hair of our customers to lead them  to discover "The new me" is our pleasure and happiness.

We deliver beauty and playfulness into your lifestyle. Just like an art. 

The Fluxus House supports local artists and aspiring art students in Singapore  by providing an art space inside the hairsalon. By sharing our space and collaborating with others, we hope for each other’s development and growth.

At the same time, we hope our space to be the birthplace of a new culture and the place for people to push the boundaries of art and culture. We plan to work with various brands in different fields through collaborations and pop-up shops.

《Free rental space 》  

400sqft ~ 1100sqft     

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