What is a Digiair Perm 〈Air Digital Perm〉??

Digiair is a perm that uses digital perm techniques to create curls like the airwave perm – soft, long lasting curls with lesser damage.

Digital perm is a perming technique that creates strong, long lasting curls with heat. It is recommended even for people who have stiff hair or a lot of hair.

As heat fundamentally changes the protein makeup of hair (like an egg when it is cooked), this will cause hair to turn be stiffer in texture and dry.

Airwave is perming technique that uses wind to create curls. By using a specialised machine, hot air is blowed on curls to create the shape of the curls. In comparison to a normal perm, Airwave is less damaging for the hair and lasts for about 3 months. The curls created by airwave are softer and there is considerably lesser damage versus the normal perm. The cons of this perm is that it takes a long time to do and when using the machine it is quite noisy.

The difference between normal perm and digiair is the focus on where the chemicals are targetted.

For normal perms the technique uses the chemical to create small cuts in the cuticle and cortex, and then apply heat to create the curls. As it does not react with the medulla (the core of the hair), the medulla still retains its original structure and thus the perm will not last long because the cuticle and cortex would eventually move back to its original shape – which explains why perms in general do not last long.

Also with the little cuts created, the cuticle is unable to close properly, which will cause the hair to lose nutrients over time and consequently results in damage to the hair.

For digiair, the technique focuses on the medulla instead of the cuticle and cortex. This is done by applying CMC treatment on the hair, curled with rods and with low heat applied.

The structure of the curls are set afterwards by blow drying the hair with cold air, not unlike glass- blowing where the glass moulded when it is hot and the shape is fixed after it cools down. This would explain for the long-lasting effect and the lesser damage as the chemicals used do not target the cuticle and the cortex.