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Are you worried about the amount of fallen hair recently?

The most visible change caused by the overall health of the both mind and soul, as well as ageing, is in the hair. Here we will explore and determine the reasons that cause hair fall, and thoroughly explain the process from the origin onwards.

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★Reason for Hair Fall

With regards to hair itself, even in healthy scalp conditions, the estimated hair fall is 50~150 strands in one day alone. However, in the case of extreme hair loss, there is a main cause for it. Due to varied troubles, the hair strands are not supplied with the sufficient nutrients. Hence resulting in the hair falling out before properly growing from the scalp.

Thinking back on the effectors linked to visible change in hair conditions, we can conclude that hair loss is one of the signs of lifestyle and overall health. By effectively making changes in these factors, we can expect an improvement by targeting the root of the problem.

★Methods to prevent hair loss

・Nutritional Balance A diet rich in fats, on top of irregular and poor eating habits, will lead to an imbalanced nutritional value. This will eventually result in hair loss. A healthy and nutritionally balanced will definitely help in ensuring hair growth.

・Adequate Amount of Sleep

Lack of sleep leads to hormonal imbalance, which in turn affects the proper growth of hair. This is another cause of hair loss. It is best to clock in a healthy amount of sleep according to the recommended sleep needs per age range.

・Proper Hair Care Especially to those who frequently style their hair, this causes strong stimulus to the scalp. The product residue will also build-up in the pores or hair follicles, together with dead skin cells, sebum and sweat etc. Blood circulation to the pores is also impaired as a result. These factors eventually lead to hair fall.

・Do not accumulate stress Within the body, the scalp and hair are also susceptible to stress. Blood circulation is affected due to factors such as the disruption of the autonomic nerves, resulting in hair fall. As the diversification of lifestyles in modern society continues to progress, it is not necessarily possible to keep to a specific type of lifestyle. For those whose lifestyle and eating habits are difficult to amend, we recommend an effective type of hair care to combat hair loss.

Head spa and scalp massages etc. that are provided at hair salons can be an outlet of stress, as well as effective relaxation. A synergistic effect can be expected as this is beneficial, not only to hair loss problems, as well as the overall improvement of balance in the body and mind.

最近抜け毛の本数が。。悩んでませんか? 心身の健康状態や加齢による変化が最も表れやすい所のひとつが髪の毛です。抜け毛の原因を正しく見極めて、根本から改善するプロセスを解説します。

★抜け毛の原因 髪の毛は健康な頭皮状態の人でもヘアサイクルによって1日に約50~150本ほど抜けますが、極端に抜け毛の量が多かったり、きちんと成長せずに抜け落ちてしまう場合などは、何らかのトラブルによって髪の毛に栄養がきちんと補給されていない事が考えられます。 しかし逆に考えれば抜け毛は生活習慣や健康状態のサインともいえるので、これらを改めることで抜け毛の根本改善が期待できます。

★改善方法 ・栄養バランス 脂肪分が多すぎたり不規則な食生活は栄養のバランスの偏りを招き、抜け毛の原因になります。 ・十分な睡眠 睡眠不足はホルモンバランスの不均衡を招き、髪の毛の成長に影響するため抜け毛の原因になります。 ・正しいヘアケア 過度なスタイリングなどは頭皮への強い刺激や毛穴の汚れを誘発し、血行の不良を招き抜け毛の原因になります。

・ストレスを溜めない 体の中でも頭皮や髪の毛はストレスの影響を受けやすい個所です。自律神経に乱れなどが血行に影響する事で、抜け毛の原因となります。現代社会ではライフスタイルの多様化が進み、必ずしも規則的な生活ができるというわけではありません。生活習慣や食生活の改善が難しいという人には、効果的なヘアケアを行うことによる抜け毛の改善をおすすめします。 ヘアサロンで行うヘッドスパや頭皮マッサージなどは、ストレスの発散やリラックス効果もあるので、抜け毛だけでなく心身のバランスの改善にもつながり、相乗効果が期待できます。

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