How many months should I wait before I can perm again?

We often get questions from customers regarding this topic. “What is the frequency I can perm my hair?”

This period will vary with the hair condition, length, as well as the hairstyle. For those with a long or semi-long wave style it will be about once every 4-6 months. For those with short to semi-long length and a loose wave perm style, it will be about once every 3-4 months. This should be the estimated reference time for perm frequency

Various factors for lasting strength of perm

The lasting strength is really dependent on a multitude of factors which pile up to result in its overall condition. If you were to compare the durations of frequently perming, or only perming once every few years, the former would definitely provide a better result. The lasting strength will become much better as it is done on a regular basis. It will become easier (for the stylist) to do the styling when it is done frequently as they are used to how each portion is done. With each time, after being used to the styling of the perms, the perm can last longer as compared to a one-off time. Doing it periodically at the same store (and stylist), coupled with your hair strands being used to the perm solution, it will all lead to the perm lasting much longer than before. Being able to look forward to the perm style while doing it frequently, we hope to spread the understanding of how fun perms can be!


Regardless whether it is long or short hair, for those who have permed their hair before, we recommend a cycle of having a haircut in between each perm session. When a cut is done between each time, this improves the condition of the perm (when applied again) and controls the overall balance of it. Styling the perm rods will be become much easier as well. Of course perming the hair will damage it to a certain extent. Therefore we recommend a haircut once every 3 months for long hair, and 1.5 months for short hair. Adding this into the routine between each perm will minimise the damage caused and make it easier to style the perm, resulting in and prolonging a beautiful perm.

・Here’s looking forward to a great perm!

Definitely there will a need to remember the ideal cycle between each visit, as well as wanting a change every now and then choosing not to perm this time. Everyone will have those days. We will respect your decision at the time and help you achieve the hair style that suits you the most. Regarding the counselling onwards to what we can do to achieve what you, the customer, wants, please feel free to consult with us about anything