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 Best Quality Bleach Color in Singapore 

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Our Color Hair Correction

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Blend ​Hightlights 

S.A.D's Hair design

Highlight colours that protect beauty and express it with just the right amount of damage are stylish.

High and dark tones

Highlights on both base colours is a colour technique that can make and reproduce a beautiful, three-dimensional colour on your hair.


You can choose transparent colouring or playful designs to match your skin tone.

As the colour is blended with a lighter colour to match your own hair, you don't have to worry about the border with the root when it grows out.

Give it a try!

Beautiful hair colour with less damage.

Let’s do soft, skin-friendly colours.

Try out hair colours which are popular with people of different ethnicities.

  • Low-damage, while protecting the health and condition of your hair.Bright, elegant and natural colouring

  • The original borders (retouching) are less noticeable and low maintenance.

  • Achieve grey hair blurring by adding lighter colour to hair or base colouring.

  • One colour dyes are outdated!? Achieve trendy hair colours with both light and dark shades.

Beautiful, soft and transparent
hair colour options.

Eliminate reddish and orange tones in the pigmentation of your hair.

Enjoy whitish transparent high-toned colours.

Two or more bleaches are required.

Our care bleach can remove the required brightness with as little damage as possible.

By applying transparent colours throughout, skin colour and complexion can be brightened.


White beige, ash beige, blonde beige.

You’re free to choose whichever colours!

Try it now!

whitesh beige

S.A.D's Hair design

At least two bleaches are performed,taking into account the customer's base colour and damage level.

After cancelling the red and orange tones of your

own hair with bleach,

put the desired beige on it.

Reproduces a soft, transparent colour.

  • While providing hair care, two or more bleaches are performed

  • Transparent colours can be selected.

  • Hair colouring according to the customer's hair damage level and undertone.

  • The salon’s experienced top stylists will be able to suggest to you what special hair care you would require for the bleaching.

Want to know more about our coloring services?

Accent Color

S.A.D's Hair design

Play with color

Face line colour, inner colour, dip colour, etc.

Let's get partial hair designs to match your base colour.

Many varieties of colour combinations are available.

Adds contrast to your hairstyle when you get bored of the regular colours, and play with it.

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