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short hair japanese salon singapore SADs
short hair japanese salon singapore SADs
Cut Focusing mainly on hair cuticle repa

・In 2016 - S.A.D's was launched.  
・In 2020 - Our sister salon was launched.  

With 3 salons in Japan and 2 in Singapore, this line of salons were created.  
Located in the heart of River Valley,  
S.A.D's brings you a minimalistic and modern look while providing a luxurious amount of space for each customer.  
Equipped with movable shampoo sinks,
our customers are able to relax and enjoy the service without the inconvenience of having to move.  
Fielding Japanese stylists with over 20 years of experience in our Singapore salons,
every detail of each and every customer will accounted for.  
This ensures that our customers will be provided with only the best services and skills.  
We have accommodated to the needs of every customer thus far, and will continue to strive to provide amazing services towards everyone regardless of age and race. 




#01-01, RV POINT, SINGAPORE 238291



Katsuto Akimichi

Shuji Kusaka


Kojee Tan

Bussiness hour

Open Tue.-Sun. 10:00 am to 19:00 pm.
Closed  every Mon & 1st Tue 

short hair japanese salon singapore SADs

Director - Aki

《 Founder / Director 》

・Specialised in Makeover

Salon Grand Prix Award in Japan

《 Own history 》
Hair salon – ” Switch ” , ” diptych ” ,  
Nail salon – ” arUt nail ” 
Design studio – ” dat’0 inc ”  
Hair salon – ” S.A.D’s ” , ” THE FLUXUS HOUSE ” 

The essence of art is not in creating something out of nothing but in letting people discover something new from what is familiar. I strive to do this for every one of my customers, helping them see a new and better version of themselves from the work of my hands.

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short hair japanese salon singapore SADs

Manager - Shuji

《 Manager / Top stylist 》

・Specialised in Cut & Perm & Rebonding

Whether it is a perm or a haircut, I make sure that my customers are all pleasantly surprised by the makeover from me!
Previously Hair Director of one of Japan’s biggest hair salon, 
Shuji served more than a staggering 25,200 customers in his last 10 years as a stylist.

His large number of regular customers is testament to his excellent hairdressing skill who love him for his Volume Bob Cuts – haircuts that make flat hair a lot more voluminous with slight layers at the crown and Perms.

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short hair salon singapore SADs  River V

Stylist - Misaki

《Stylist 》

・Specialised in All Color Style & Cut

I am an experienced hairdresser who has worked in both Japan and London.

I have done photoshoots for creative hairstyles in New York. 

Excelling at bleach colors

(highlights / balayage).

 We aim provide designs that suit each and everyone by balancing their fashion and hairstyles to better complement them.

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