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Welcome to our cozy and modern hair salon.

We offer a dedicated shampoo station where you can comfortably sit and relax without having to move around. We also have semi-private booths available, so you can enjoy our services with complete peace of mind, away from prying eyes.

Our friendly and approachable Japanese stylists are highly skilled and committed to providing the best possible service. With their extensive experience, they are more than happy to share tips and tricks on how to maintain the beauty and design of your hair.

Come and experience our salon, where you can enjoy not only great hairstyles but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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・In 2016 - S.A.D's was launched.  
・In 2020 - Our sister salon was launched.  

With 3 salons in Japan and 2 in Singapore, this line of salons were created.  
Located in the heart of River Valley,  
S.A.D's brings you a minimalistic and modern look while providing a luxurious amount of space for each customer.  
Equipped with movable shampoo sinks,
our customers are able to relax and enjoy the service without the inconvenience of having to move.  
Fielding Japanese stylists with over 20 years of experience in our Singapore salons,
every detail of each and every customer will accounted for.  
This ensures that our customers will be provided with only the best services and skills.  
We have accommodated to the needs of every customer thus far, and will continue to strive to provide amazing services towards everyone regardless of age and race. 




#01-01, RV POINT, SINGAPORE 238291



Katsuto Akimichi

Shuji Kusaka

​Tsukasa Koike

Kojee Tan

​Melanie Chan

Phoebe Lim

Bussiness hour

Open Tue.-Sun. 10:00 am to 19:00 pm.
Closed  every Mon & 1st Tue 

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